🦠 No, People Gatherings Are Not The Main Cause for COVID-19 Deaths

Who’s Yoyang Gu? Recently I read an interesting article about the leading causes of COVID deaths, according to statistical analysis. Surprisingly population age or lockdown measures are not strong predictors of the number of deaths in a given country; other factors should be considered, as you will see below. The author is Yoyang Gu, a data scientist and practical machine learning expert. […]

👨‍⚕️ Is It Possible to Design Behavioural Strategies to Improve Job Performance? The Health Sector Case

In the last decades, it was possible to assist to a humanism period in the job world: from the emphasis on the neoclassical homo economicus, highly specialised piece of the supply chain to the recognition of peoples’ behavior as a mix of irrationality, passions, subconscious and emotions. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Employee engagement drives health care quality and […]