🐛 How to Debug Leetcode Problems For Free

There you are. You are studying for a coding interview or trying to stop faking to be a developer while asking silly questions such as how to revert an array to ChatGPT. What do 90% of people do? They go to LeetCode and start planning to complete 100 problems a day. Sound good. Yes, except after the first excitement, you […]

🖱 Building a Functional Web App With a Graphical Interface Using Node and Restful API

In our previous article, we explored the process of building a RESTful API with Node, which provided functionalities like authentication, account creation, website checks, and updates. However, it lacked a user-friendly graphical interface for non-developers. In this article, we will delve into the steps required to create a functional design for hosting all these features. By following along, you’ll discover […]

🧑‍💻 An Introduction to Node JS

Disclaimer: thank you, Pirple.com, for giving me all this information about Node JS. This Skillshare Masterclass inspires the content you can read below. Did you know that you could manage a full-stack development with Javascript only? I agree that Javascript should be used only in client-side environments, mainly in managing website logic. Then what? I had the opportunity to follow […]

🧱 Build to Last: Why Visionary Companies Succeed

Why do some companies succeed and others don’t? After talking about product management and data bias books, with this article, we continue to explore relevant business books that can help us put in perspective organisations and markets. The star of today is Built to Last, which continues the cycle of research conducted by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras on why some companies succeed and others don’t. The other books […]

🍿 Netflix: What’s the Future?

Following the recent sad development in Ukraine, Netflix reportedly will be forced to broadcast Putin propaganda, as reported from the Politico website. Will it follow other services that stopped servicing Russia as a sign of protest, or will it stick to the new deal? With this premise, let’s continue the “company review” series that started with GameStop. An Overview For the ones who lived on […]