🕹 GameStop: the Quiet after the Stock Storm

It’s been almost a year since the Gamestop stock case. For those who wonder what it is, in January 2020, Reddit Community WallStreetBets orchestrated a significant cumulative buy of GameStop stocks. The volume of stocks increased tenfold, the price adjusted, growing 1822% (taking as reference the interval 7th – 27th of January). How is GameStop after that? Was it a market joke? […]

👨‍🏫 How to Pitch Your Startup Effectively

Admit it: in the last year, you have thought, “I have a startup idea that will make me a millionaire“. Another classic statement is: “yes, I believe I can create the new Facebook for pets”, or “the new Airbnb for camping”, or the “Youporn for food”. It’s easy to create “the new insert a famous platform for random product”. What you may miss, is […]