🤖 Are Machines Going to Take Our Jobs?

Are robots going to replace us? Moflin is the first robotic pet backed up by Vanguard, and it has been presented this year at CES 2021, the world’s biggest innovation conference in the world. It looks like a pillow with eyes; it has emotional and learning capabilities and different emotional states that adapt to their interactions. AI and Robots can be funny, but […]

📚 How to Read +70 Books Every Year

Reading nowadays is more complicated than ever. Raise your hand if you always promise to read more books, or if you have planned to read 50 books on New Year’s Eve and find yourself now with three or four books achieved. It’s not only you, but simply life seems to have become challenging for readers: stress at work, family meetings, cocktails, […]

💡 Enel Innovation: An Italian Job

As I was sharing some days ago, given the actual cultural context, it is common knowledge that Italy is a “stuck” country, where politicians are old, innovation does not happen, and young people have to escape to find jobs. I will use Enel and its fantastic transformation to fight against the stereotype using the Open Innovation paradigm. What’s Enel? Enel is […]