🕊 Using Customer Feedback for Product Innovation: the Nivea Case

Does a deodorant need any effort in product innovation? It’s almost a commodity. You have never noticed any difference among deodorants, haven’t you? Let’s try to challenge those assumptions. Background: Company Beiersdorf is a cosmetics company based in Hamburg, founded in 1882, with annual revenue of €7.5 billion and approximately 17 thousand staffed. Its most significant market is Europe, and its main […]

📚 Four Books about Data and Human Bias

Before suggesting four books about Data and Human Bias, let me ask you a simple question. What could oil and data have in common? They seem to belong to different worlds because an oil refinery sounds like an industrial cathedral. Usually, it is in the middle of the ocean, creating long shadows with its long towers. Despite that, the data […]

🌏 How Does Culture Influence Behaviour?

How does culture influence behaviour? It was the summer of 2012, and I was on a two-week English campus in Dublin. My class was composed of 4 Italian guys like 5 Russian friends, and me. One day, the teacher asked if we would report one of our parents to the authority if they committed a homicide. To my surprise, the […]

📒 4 Product Management Books You Should Read

Why read four books about product management? I believe that Product Management is becoming the alphabet of the upcoming days: nowadays, the entire economy is shifting through digital products and platforms services. According to Investopedia and uxcam, the top 6 companies listed on the S&P 500 index are digital products(Microsoft, Amazon, Google, et cetera). A fully optimized product manager could increase company profits by 34.2%. […]

🕹 GameStop: the Quiet after the Stock Storm

It’s been almost a year since the Gamestop stock case. For those who wonder what it is, in January 2020, Reddit Community WallStreetBets orchestrated a significant cumulative buy of GameStop stocks. The volume of stocks increased tenfold, the price adjusted, growing 1822% (taking as reference the interval 7th – 27th of January). How is GameStop after that? Was it a market joke? […]