💸 Is Money the Best Way to Boost Innovation? – Part 2

Continuing from part 1 The Second Piece of Evidence An external audience may suggest that the previous research is outdated, especially considering that innovation per se is a complex and dynamic process, so it may be helpful to go through another piece of literature briefly. In 2014 Bruce Curran and Scott Walsworth took seven years of data representing Canadian private sector […]

🤑 Is Money the Best Way to Boost Innovation? – Part 1

What’s different between Apple and your local market? What does it take for an organisation to be “innovative”? Is money the only factor causing innovation in a company? In 2019, according to the PatentSight Innovation Ranking, 38 of the most innovative companies in the US are based in the US, 21 in China and 15 in Europe. With China and […]

💉 The Impact of a Performance Management System in an Ordinary Healthcare Unit

In the last few days, the news talked a lot about vaccination capacity and efficiency in Italy. Many have claimed that the vaccination rate has not been sufficient and that the Italian health department did not appropriately manage the medical campaign. This context gave the chance to talk about performance management systems adoption in the healthcare sector. What are “PMS”? […]

👨‍⚕️ Is It Possible to Design Behavioural Strategies to Improve Job Performance? The Health Sector Case

In the last decades, it was possible to assist to a humanism period in the job world: from the emphasis on the neoclassical homo economicus, highly specialised piece of the supply chain to the recognition of peoples’ behavior as a mix of irrationality, passions, subconscious and emotions. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Employee engagement drives health care quality and […]