📚 Four Books about Data and Human Bias

Before suggesting four books about Data and Human Bias, let me ask you a simple question. What could oil and data have in common? They seem to belong to different worlds because an oil refinery sounds like an industrial cathedral. Usually, it is in the middle of the ocean, creating long shadows with its long towers. Despite that, the data […]

🪢 Do We Perceive Connections Correctly? A Network Approach

Network Centrality Measure In the last articles, we explored different aspects of network theory. After introducing networks and their presence in everyday life, we tried to understand how to create one in R, starting from a list of members sharing different interests or activities. Let’s start adding another layer of deepens by exploring the concept of centrality. Given a network, the centrality measures how often […]

👔 How to Run an Effective Meeting and Improve Reporting at Every Organisational Level

Meetings can be dysfunctional. Have you ever felt like you are attendingĀ useless meetings at work, losing a lot of time that you could have employed on that urgent task? Maybe you’re even upset because your colleague forgot to fix that problem they said she would have done. Do you wonder how to run an effective meeting? Why does this happen? […]

🦠 No, People Gatherings Are Not The Main Cause for COVID-19 Deaths

Who’s Yoyang Gu? Recently I read an interesting article about the leading causes of COVID deaths, according to statistical analysis. Surprisingly population age or lockdown measures are not strong predictors of the number of deaths in a given country; other factors should be considered, as you will see below. The author is Yoyang Gu, a data scientist and practical machine learning expert. […]

🛒 How to Run Sales Revenue Analysis and Forecasting With R

I’d probably be the millionth blogger writing it. Still, it’s impossible to deny it: data-driven decision making is essential for every individual or organisation that want to improve efficiency, productivity and returns in life and business. How? Let’s think about an easy example: A typical bookseller is usually aware of the following facts about its last customers: which books they […]

📊 Create Your Personal Finance System: Build Your Spending Dashboard and Forget About Spreadsheets – Part 2

By this point, you have finished understanding the main principles of finance tracking, created a simple form to capture your expenses on the go and generated a spreadsheet to store all your data. It’s time to create a beautiful dashboard to visualise your financial situation in a glimpse. If you did not know already, a dashboard is a type of graphical […]

🕸 How to Create a Weighted Network From a List of Elements Sharing an Attribute With R

Image source: Derrible, S. (2012). Network centrality of metro systems. PloS one, 7(7), e40575. Network analysis is a branch of data science gaining a lot of attention from outside, mainly because many aspects of our life can be described using networks, such as fifteenth Century Florentine Marriages, friendships in sports clubs, viral marketing strategies, metro connections, et cetera. If you […]